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Cloud Computing Course in the Ahmedabad

When it comes to cloud computing adoption, it is seen through the overall rapid growth of the industry. About 96% of organizations already incorporated use of the cloud computing to some extent. On an average, businesses leverage nearly 5 separate clouds in their business. Around 26% of enterprises spend over $6 million dollars per year on public cloud computing.

Before starting out to build a Cloud Computing Course in the Ahmedabad training program, it is important to understand the model delivery of the course.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an IT model solution that delivers computer power, storage space, applications, and other resources on demand. It promotes speed and agility in IT operations. The widespread shift to cloud solutions reduced the complexity of on-premises equipment, which required significant maintenance resources.

What are the 3 main approaches to cloud computing?

There are three main approaches in cloud computing that gain an advantage in the business processes are as follows:

Software as a Service (SaaS):In SaaS computing, a complete product is run and managed by the service provider and delivered over the Internet.

Platform as a Service(PaaS):In PaaS computing the overall infrastructure is managed by a service provider while developers can build and manage applications within the environment.

Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS):The least-complete type of cloud computing, IaaS offers the building blocks for IT businesses to control. From networking features to data storage, IaaS provides you with the premises IT resources without the CapEx economic model.

What are the 3 main cloud computing providers?

The cloud computing course program must have these three main cloud computing platforms included in their curriculum:

Amazon Web Services(AWS): AWS has been the market leader in public cloud computing services. The growth and maturity of the AWS services play a major advantage to IT departments. Amazon Web Services is often described by the major providers as the most enterprise ready service.

Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure Cloud training in Ahmedabad is a cloud computing services with software like Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Windows Server.

Google Cloud Platform(GCP):This platform only supports the cloud-native businesses. It is specific and delivers expertise in DevOps courses in Ahmedabad.


Different vendors are offering different approaches in providing cloud computing programs, but the most preferred certifications are those of major cloud computing services. Highsky IT solutions provides the best comprehensive training program in the cloud computing.

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