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Course Overview:

Red Hat OpenShift Administration (DO280)  course about manage and administrate and deploy openshift container platform. In this course learn about installing, configuring, and managing OpenShift clusters and deploying sample applications to further understand how developers will use the platform. This course is based on Openshift Container Platform 4.2 and Linux-based platform.

Course Audience:

OpenShift is a containerized application platform that is popular in enterprise Industry to manage container deployments and scale their applications based on Kubernetes. OpenShift provides predefined application environments and builds upon Kubernetes to provide support for DevOps principals  such as reduced time to market, infrastructure-as-code, continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD). This course is popular for DevOps engineers, Solutions architects, IT managers, IT Administrators, and Cloud engineers.

Course Duration: 45 Hours

1. OpenShift Container Platform
  • Introduction of container 
  • Introduction about docker
  • overview of container application
  • Container Application Architecture
2. Installing Openshift Container Platform
  • Server preparation for  Installation 
  • Installation of Openshift Container platform 
  • Perform Post Instillation tasks
3. Openshift Network & Resource Managment
  • Network Management in Openshift Platform 
  • Exploring SDN over Openshift 
  • Configuring Resource  Mangment for Openshift using CLI
  • Openshift Instance Managment Using CLI
4. Openshift Resource Access Control
  • Secure Access to Resource 
  • Managing Projects and Accounts 
  • Managing security policies
  • Managing Sensitive Data Access 
5. Allocating Persistence Storage for Openshift Platform
  • Provisioning Persistence storage 
  • Allocation persistence storage 
  • Persistence for Internal registry 
  • Storage Use cases
6. Application Deployment over Openshift platform
  • Application Deployment 
  • Application architecture 
  • Application Resource allocation and Access management 
  • Controlling Pod Scheduling
  • Image management and  template 
7. Monitoring Openshift platform

Limit resource Usages

monitoring application over open shift

Performance and Architecture Optimisation

Upgrading Openshisft Cluster

8. Openshift Cluster Management
  • Openshift Cluster Scale up 
  • Openshift cluster High availability  
  • Monitoring Resource of cluster 
  • Openshift cluster security Resources

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