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Terraform Associate: Aws Cloud IAAC

Course Duration : 45 Hours

1. Introduction of Terraform
  • Understanding about terraform
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Install Terraform in Linux and Windows
  • Terraform Providers
  • Terraform Resources
2. Started with Terraform
  • Terraform Plan, show, Apply, Destroy
  • Exploring Terraform Registry
  • Tainting and Updating Resources
  • Terraform Variables
  • work with Variables and Outputs
3. Terraform with AWS Resources
  • Manage aws service with terraform
  • Deploy ec2 vpc, rds, eks and other service
  • Deploy s3, ELB, auto scaling, and multiple cloud resurces
  • Deploy Multiple services and planning architecture
4. Terraform Condition
  • Understand about conditions
  • Understand about loops
  • Understand Built-in functions
  • Understand Dynamic Blocks
  • Understand Lifecycle
  • Understand resource redeploy and services
5. Terraform State File
  • Understand about state
  • Manage state
  • Manage remote state
  • Manage terraform Backend
  • Terraform lock files
6. Terraform Data Source
  • Understand about terraform data source
  • Manage terraform output
  • Manage join and count functions
  • Manage tags and taints
  • Manage provisioner, local-exec and remote-exec
7. Terraform Module
  • Understand about module
  • Manage Terraform Modules
  • Design Custom terraform modules
  • Best practices of modules
  • Use Terraform registry modules
  • Terraform import
  • Terraform workspace
8. Terraform Troubleshooting and Testing
  • Terraform Plan revisited
  • Debugging the script
  • Understand Terraform Cloud
  • Update Terraform Provider
9. Terraform Real Time Project Use cases
  • Terraform workspace
  • Terraform plugins
  • Terraform other tools
  • Terraform with Git
  • Terraform Use cases

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