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Docker Administration Training :-

Course Duration: 45 Hours

1. Introduction of Docker
  • Docker Introduction
  • Docker Understanding
  • Docker Architecture and Component
  • Docker and Container Understanding
2. Docker Basics and Configuration
  1. Docker and container configuration
  2. Container deployment over docker
  3. How container is working on docker
  4. Container v/s Vm
3. Multi Container Management over Docker
  1. Multi container Deployment
  2. Container Management with various use cases
  3. Container Cli Management
4. Docker Networks Management
  1. Docker Networking Understanding
  2. Docker Default Network and Uses
  3. Isolating Containers as public and private
  4. Docker virtual Networks
  5. Dns and Docker Networks
5. Persistent Volumes and container Data
  1. Container Lifetime and Persistence data
  2. Data volume management
  3. Data volume Mounting
6. Container Images and Management
  1. Container Images
  2. Docker Hub Registry
  3. Image tagging and Pushing
  4. Build your Own Docker files and manage Container
7. Docker Compose CLI – Multi container tools
  • Configuring Docker Compose
  • Docker Compose commands
  • Docker Compose For Multiple Container
  • Run time image management and Multi container
8. Docker Cluster Deployment using Swarm
  1. Docker Cluster using swarm
  2. Cluster management over swarm
  3. Container application Management over swarm cluster
  1. Docker for DevOps
  2. Kubernetes Introductions
  3. Kubernetes v/s swarm containers
  4. Openshift Fundamentals

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