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Digitalization is the future of humanity. Significant fields of study like big data, IOT, artificial intelligence, and deep learning are in full swing in the IT industry. The first step to learning these topics is to master the Linux Operating System.

But, what about those who are already an expert in programming, right? Well, we have excellent Linux management courses too for the professionals hoping to learn a few crucial management skills to boost their career!

Even if you are not a Computer science graduate, you can learn Linux by opting for an online course. For the aspirants opting for the management course a thorough knowledge of the basics is necessary though!

What is Linux/ Linux Management training?

Linux is an open source operating system which is mostly used for higher level technical studies and research works. The kernel driven software is based on Intel x86 and is capable of receiving commands from the overlying software of the computer and sends them back to the computer’s hardware.

In Linux training classes, students can learn the programming skills followed by the architectural design and operational studies, which is essential for an IT aspirant or in the field of research.

In case of the management course you can expect to get an in-depth insight into the administrative aspects of the subject like, administration, configuration, troubleshooting & more!

What to learn?

Linux is like a sea with every drop carrying a hundred bytes of information. To begin with, learning the Linux command line is a must for the programmers and developers. This course will offer lectures on using the command line. It needs advanced C programming with thin strokes of assembly level language and other languages to function.

The training includes an extensive understanding of the Linux Operating System. Other topics like shell, userspace, kernel, file hierarchy, etc. will be covered using short demonstrative lectures.

The management training on the other hand includes installation, modification, troubleshooting, configuration, maintenance, administration, planning, analyzing, implementation & automation of the system!

Why us?

If you want to learn how to write a code for Linux kernel like a pro, look nowhere but HighSky IT because we provide an excellent platform for our students. Our classes focus on both theoretical and practical based lectures & assignments. With the Linux training courses of HighSky IT, Ahmedabad, one can get proper learning and guidance from our teachers who are the experts in the field.

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