Course Duration : 1 month

1. Accessing the Command line

  1. Accessing the Command Line Using the Local Console
  2. Practice: Local Console Access Terms
  3. Accessing the Command Line  Using  the Desktop
  4. Practice: The GNOME 3 Desktop Environment
  5. Executing Commands Using the Bash shell
  6. Practice: Bash Commands and Keyboard  Shortcuts
  7. Lab: Accessing the Command line
  1. The Linux File System  Hierarchy
  2. Practice: File system  Hierarchy
  3. Locating File by name
  4. Practice: Locating files and Directories
  5. Managing File Using Command –Line Tools
  6. Practice: Command-Line File Management
  7. Matching File Name Using Path Name Expansion
  8. Practice: path Name Expansion
  9. Lab: Managing Files With Shell Expansion
  1. Reading Documentation Using man Command
  2. Practice: Using the man Command
  3. Reading Documentation Using pinfo Command
  4. Practice: Using the pinfo command
  5. Reading Documentation in /usr/share/doc
  6. Practice: Viewing package Documentation
  7. Getting Help From Red Hat
  8. Practice: Creating and Viewing an SoS Report
  9. Lab: Viewing and Printing Help Documentation
  1. Redirecting Output to a File or Program
  2. Practice: I/O Redirection and  pipelines
  3. Editing Text Files from the shell Prompt
  4. Practice: Editing Files with Vim
  5. Editing Text Files with a Graphical Editor
  6. Practice: Copying Text Between Windows
  7. Lab: Creating, Viewing, and Editing Text Files
  1. Users and Groups
  2. Practice: User and Group Concepts
  3. Gaining Super user Access
  4. Practice: Running commands as root
  5. Managing Local User Accounts
  6. Practice: Creating Users Using Command-line Tools
  7. Managing Local Group Accounts
  8. Practice: Managing Group Using Command-line Tools
  9. Managing User Passwords
  10. Practice: Managing User Password Aging
  11. Lab: Managing Local Linux Users and Groups
  • Linux File System permissions
  • Practice: interpreting File and Directory Permissions
  • Managing File System Permission From the Command Line
  • Practice: Managing File Security from the Command Line
  • Managing Default Permissions and File Access
  • Practice: Controlling New File Permissions and Ownership
  • Lab Controlling Access to Files with Linux File System Permissions
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