AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

Course Overview:

Aws cloud is most popular public cloud in current IT market. Aws cloud platform provide various service to manage application, security and scale infrastructure. The SysOps Administrators in-short are present throughout the life-cycle of the project. They are responsible for managing, deploying and operating systems on AWS platform. They also are responsible to maintain and manage the AWS infrastructure company and manage the bills and optimize the costs.


Course Duration: 40 Hours

Overview of AWS Cloud Technology

  1. Cloud computing and current Market
  2. Difference Cloud Infrastructure and physical Infrastructure
  3. Benefits of Cloud Computing
  4. Different Types of Cloud and Uses
  1. EC2 instance and services
  2. EC2 Volumes and backup
  3. Amazon Lightsail & AWS Batch
  4. AWS Instance performance
  5. Aws Lambda and ECS
  1. S3 management using cli/sdk
  2.  S3 With Amazon athena
  3.  S3 replication & Storage Classes
  4.  EBS managing, monitoring and scalebility
  5.  Amazon EFS & Fsx Managment
  6. AWS storage performance and monitoring
  1. Virtual Private Cloud
  2. VPC Flow Log & Peering
  3. AWS VPN
  4. AWS Direct Connect
  5. AWS HighAvailability Using ELB
  6. Network Bottlenecks & Network Performance
  7. Amazon Cloudfront
  1. RDS- Relational Database Services
  2. Dynamodb
  3. AWS Redshift
  4. Amazon Elastic cache
  5.  Use cases for Performance management for databases service
  1. Aws Beanstalk
  2. AWS system manager
  3. Aws Opswork
  4. Disaster Recovery and Management
  1. using Cloudwaatch monitoring aws services
  2. Log & Event management of aws services



  1. Aws Config
  2. Aws Health Dashboard
  3. Cost Management, optimization & Explorer
  4. AWS Billing & Organisation
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