27 April 2020

Deep Learning & AI with Python

Deep Learning & AI with Python

Become an expert in neural networks, and learn to implement them using the deep learning framework PyTorch. Build convolution networks for image recognition, recurrent networks for sequence generation, generative adversarial networks for image generation, and learn how to deploy models accessible from a website.

24 May 2019

Make Own Cloud Compute Platform

Introducing Cloud Computing training at Highsky

The cloud computing industry has faced a lot of development in the past years, which led to its demand rising higher in the market. It has been an integral part of many IT companies worldwide. To stay updated with the technology and its implementation, Highsky IT is offering you an advanced Cloud computing training at Ahmedabad.

What is cloud computing training?

It is an advanced course meant for professionals, which includes services of cloud computing and its infrastructures. The training is essential for the ones who are keen on an ongoing career in the IT industry. The practice focuses on acquiring knowledge about cloud security settings and other cloud topics like software and hardware infrastructures, software engineering, data facilities, and virtualization technologies, which are the main look outs for IT.



24 May 2019

Data Science & Analysis with Python

Data science training course with full-time certification

In recent times, technology like big data, AI, are being used everywhere. Data science is capable of turning the imagination to reality. Hence, it is imperative to opt the Data science learning courses that Highsky IT, Ahmedabad offers.

What is data science training?

Data science is a mixture of algorithms, statistics, and includes massive aspects of machine learning elements. The principal goal of studying data science is to create unstructured data for better storage in a small space. The traditional data that was used previously was structured and smaller in size. With data science, the data used now are most of the time unstructured or sometimes semi-structured.

Opting for a data science training can help students stretch out their fields of knowledge and implementation. After the training, one will be able to write expert codes in R programming languages along with specific expertise in data transformation and analysis.

What to learn in training?

Anyone keen to know about business intelligence, big data, or a professional statistician, information architect, developers, can take up the data science training for a better job profile or research experience. On our data science training course, one will learn the history of data science & its progress. The course starts with a good introduction and gradually enters the advanced levels, including the fundamentals of big data mining, data manipulation, and the underlying structures.

Why choose us?

Highsky IT is giving you a chance of becoming a industry leader by opting for a simple data science learning course in Ahmedabad. Our facilities focus on advanced learning through our digital classroom. Our Faculties for data science learning training are experts in the field. The main motive is to provide eligible education to our students.

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